Wool Carpet Care Tips

Hillsborough Wool Carpet Care Tips

One of the most critical areas of good carpet maintenance is the quick removal of spots and spills. It’s necessary to act quickly when anything is spilled or dropped, and to always have the necessary cleaning materials close by. B & G Chem-Dry servicing Hillsborough, CA uses special professional cleaning agents designed for use with your wool carpets.

Frequent vacuuming is a wool carpet’s best friend.

  • An upright vacuum with a beater bar/brush is the best type for cut pile carpet. A suction-only vacuum may be required for loop pile Berber carpets to prevent excessive fuzzing from occurring on your carpet. Your vacuum cleaner dust bag should always be emptied when its half full to prevent any excessive dust particles from escaping and falling onto your carpets.
  • Practice good prevention maintenance by placing absorbent rugs and mats at the most frequently used entrances to your Hillsborough, CA home. Wash or change these rugs and mats when they become soiled or dirty. The filters in your heating and air conditioning systems should be regularly changed to maximize the amount of dust particles that are taken out of the air in your Hillsborough home.
  • Periodically clean the heavy traffic lanes and the areas in front of frequently used sofas and chairs.
  • Keep dry, absorbent cloths or paper towels and cleaning solutions on hand for quick responses to accidents and spills.
  • DO NOT apply any stain repellent treatments which contain any silicone as they tend to accelerate carpet soiling. (Some carpet manufacturers do not accept responsibility for complaints where such treatments have been used.) When having your wool carpets professionally cleaned by the experts of B & G Chem-Dry in Hillsborough, CA, ask about our Wool Safe® products.