Proven to remove 98% of allergens from carpets*.
Leaves carpets dry in only 1-2 hours, not days.
Using hot carbonating extraction to deep clean your carpets with less water.
With TheNatural®, our proprietary green certified cleaning solution that's safe for kids & pets.
Provides a better cleaning experience that the whole household can enjoy.
B & G Chem-Dry's unique approach to carpet cleaning...
Proven to remove 99.2% of pet urine bacteria from carpets*.
Proven to remove 99.9% of pet urine odors from carpets*.
Only trained technicians can remove the stain & the odor
We all love our pets, but don't necessarily care for the smells or their spills leave behind.
Chem-Dry's propriatery process to remove pet urine odor...
Proven to remove 98% of allergens from upholstery*.
Leaves upholstery dry in hours, not days.
Using hot carbonating extraction to deep clean your furniture with less water.
With TheNatural®, our propriatery green certified cleaning solution that's safe for kids & pets.
Provides a better cleaning experience that the whole household can enjoy.
Chem-Dry's propriatery furniture cleaning method...
This ensures that they are safe for kids and pets all while meeting strict standards.
The green certified standard from ITC Labs tests select Chem-Dry products.
Chem-Dry's green cleaning solution copies Mother Nature for a deep clean.
Long before it was trendy to be green, Chem-Dry developed a green cleaning solution.
Chem-Dry's powerful system uses only 1/5 of the water that steam carpet cleaning uses.
Carpets are deeply cleaned without leaving behind soapy water that can take days to dry.
Hot Carbonating Extraction uses the power of millions of effervescent bubbles.
Chem-Dry's Hot Carbonating Extraction process vs. Steam Carpet Cleaning...
Array ( [reviews] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [id] => 9422030 [reviewable_id] => 96313 [reviewable_type] => Page [title] => [attribution] => soseductivesfreaogstantheman0000wordswithgraceatpruitt [content] => I've had bad experiences with steam cleaners so I decided to try the Chem Dry method. It was an emergency, as my cat decided to ""mark his territory"" on my wife's persian wool rug! In the past I used steam cleaners and had problems with it taking more than 2 days to dry and that's with the huge fans they left behind! I called a couple of chem dry's but either was put on hold too long, or they wanted to schedule me the next day (I needed this done NOW!). I called B&G chem dry and spoke to Greg and not only was I able to get the same day appointment, but he spent over ten minutes explaining the chem dry method and the pet urine removal treatment! When they showed up, they did a great job and didn't even charge me for carrying their equiptment up 3 flights of stairs(our elevator's out of service). I'll be using B&G from now on!I called B&G Chem-Dry and asked for an estimate to clean my sofa and queen size mattress. I gave them the basic information so they could give me a good estimate, explaining my sofa was about 9' long and my mattress was a queen size and my puppy had an accident on it. He explained to me the mattress would cost around $60 for both sides to be cleaned and the sofa is about $15 per linear foot. He said the job should cost around $180/$190. I was fine with that price and scheduled an appointment to get my furniture cleaned. The day of, the cleaning technician told me that my sofa was 10' and measured by his feet and said the sofa would actually be $150 then he told me my mattress would be around $200 because the pet urine needed to be treated. I mentioned that when I called for the estimate I told the guy on the phone the situation and couldn't understand how it went from $60 to $200. I understand that and estimate is not set in stone but I didn't think it would be almost $200 off. So I told him to just clean the sofa. Then he asked what can he do so he can clean the mattress, so I told him to honor the estimate. He agreed to do the work at $190, but would not give me the 10% off that I got from Citysearch. He cleaned my sofa and spent maybe 5-10 minutes cleaning my mattress (only one side of it) and said to me that it was not as bad as he thought it was going to be and did not need the additional Pet treatment, so he just did the basic cleaning done to the mattress. I said great, can I get the 10% off since it wasn't as bad as you originally thought and he said no because he was already losing so much money on this job. I should get a written estimate and make sure I measure my furniture to be cleaned, because my sofa is actually 8' long, not 10'. I believe if a company is going to base their prices on the size of the pieces to be cleaned they should carry a tape measure. I will not use B&G Chem-Dry again; I felt I was taken advantage of.I've used them twice. The first time was 15 months ago and B&G did a great job. On-time, fast and cleaned stairs well. I used them again this month. Because of external factors, I had to change the appointment three times. B&G patiently followed my changes. In my mind, that shows the superior customer experience of this fine company.What a pleasure to work with someone who takes as much pride in his work as I do in mine. My loveseat turned out to be a ""problem child"" that probably took at least twice as long to clean as a normal beast, but B&G didn't charge me a penny more than the original estimate. Results are great -- it looks like a new couch. I would hire B&G again in a flash.I had a little trouble with the scheduling (owners email was down, etc.) so I would recommend calling to get info. They were professional, courteous and did a great job on our wall to wall carpets. Carpets looked great, so risidual smell and were dry within a few hours. The price was reasonable and I think a good value. Highly recommended. [rating] => 5 [category] => yp [unique_id] => main-article [created_at] => 2019-07-20T04:07:49.967-04:00 [updated_at] => 2019-07-21T00:00:56.203-04:00 [date] => 200704-06-04T07:00:00.000-05:00 [switch_show] => 1 [switch_show_link] => 1 [snippet] => The first time was 15 months ago and B&G did a great job. On-time, fast and cleaned stairs well. I used them again this month. [url] => [uuid] => 83c4769c-3bc3-4914-a7a1-d8a3f74dc68d [email_address] => [ip_address] => [image_file_name] => 83c4769c-3bc3-4914-a7a1-d8a3f74dc68d.png [image_content_type] => image/png [image_file_size] => 25750 [image_updated_at] => 2019-07-20T04:08:01.234-04:00 [shared_at] => 2019-07-21T00:00:56.199-04:00 [switch_share_image] => 1 [share_template] => [share_list] => [switch_author_permission] => 1 [link_reference] => 02ab1134-8409-46b1-83d0-ae3333dcdd7d [response_status] => [notes] => [data_source] => crawler [score] => 0.10000000149 [magnitude] => 15.8000001907 [language] => en [profile_picture_url] => [switch_show_picture] => [is_recommendation] => ) [1] => Array ( [id] => 17806223 [reviewable_id] => 96313 [reviewable_type] => Page [title] => [attribution] => Yawaleth Phradichith [content] => Lud cleaned my carpet a couple of months ago and did a fantastic job! Highly recommended [rating] => 5 [category] => google [unique_id] => 104915639239427806992 [created_at] => 2020-05-26T05:53:01.235-04:00 [updated_at] => 2020-05-27T00:00:17.463-04:00 [date] => 2020-05-25T21:04:19.000-04:00 [switch_show] => 1 [switch_show_link] => 1 [snippet] => Highly recommended [url] => [uuid] => 045eb29b-3e69-41bb-9296-bd87651ebd83 [email_address] => [ip_address] => [image_file_name] => 045eb29b-3e69-41bb-9296-bd87651ebd83.png [image_content_type] => image/png [image_file_size] => 9463 [image_updated_at] => 2020-05-26T06:10:47.077-04:00 [shared_at] => 2020-05-27T00:00:17.460-04:00 [switch_share_image] => 1 [share_template] => [share_list] => [switch_author_permission] => 1 [link_reference] => 7aa14877-2809-4557-bb0f-e98d8c389480 [response_status] => [notes] => [data_source] => crawler [score] => 0.899999976158 [magnitude] => 1.79999995232 [language] => en [profile_picture_url] => [switch_show_picture] => [is_recommendation] => ) [2] => Array ( [id] => 17440613 [reviewable_id] => 96313 [reviewable_type] => Page [title] => [attribution] => Adri C. [content] => Used their services for carpet cleaning a couple of months ago. We have a 2 bedroom house with various stains and it came out great. Would highly recommend. Love that it uses Clean products and staff is very friendly. [rating] => 5 [category] => yelp [unique_id] => ac20bdfdba91d72bd797ee103718ab0b4c1951d8 [created_at] => 2020-04-15T03:48:15.684-04:00 [updated_at] => 2020-04-16T00:00:12.552-04:00 [date] => 2020-04-14T08:00:00.000-04:00 [switch_show] => 1 [switch_show_link] => 1 [snippet] => Love that it uses Clean products and staff is very friendly. [url] => [uuid] => 993c2813-47f8-465c-ad01-dd84438f523c [email_address] => [ip_address] => [image_file_name] => 993c2813-47f8-465c-ad01-dd84438f523c.png [image_content_type] => image/png [image_file_size] => 18711 [image_updated_at] => 2020-04-15T03:56:08.819-04:00 [shared_at] => 2020-04-16T00:00:12.549-04:00 [switch_share_image] => 1 [share_template] => [share_list] => [switch_author_permission] => 1 [link_reference] => 7e6869fa-414b-4163-9dc2-868862992dd6 [response_status] => [notes] => [data_source] => crawler [score] => 0.600000023842 [magnitude] => 2.70000004768 [language] => en [profile_picture_url] => [switch_show_picture] => [is_recommendation] => ) [3] => Array ( [id] => 17694808 [reviewable_id] => 96313 [reviewable_type] => Page [title] => [attribution] => Cora Simon [content] => Luis cleaned my apartment a couple of weeks ago and did an amazing job!! Highly recommend! [rating] => 5 [category] => google [unique_id] => 110228175349477633868 [created_at] => 2020-05-14T05:13:18.292-04:00 [updated_at] => 2020-05-14T06:43:01.944-04:00 [date] => 2020-04-14T04:22:52.000-04:00 [switch_show] => 1 [switch_show_link] => 1 [snippet] => Highly recommend! [url] => [uuid] => f7e069a2-f929-4efd-b499-05696f3f6ec4 [email_address] => [ip_address] => [image_file_name] => f7e069a2-f929-4efd-b499-05696f3f6ec4.png [image_content_type] => image/png [image_file_size] => 8643 [image_updated_at] => 2020-05-14T06:43:01.758-04:00 [shared_at] => [switch_share_image] => 1 [share_template] => [share_list] => [switch_author_permission] => 1 [link_reference] => 7aa14877-2809-4557-bb0f-e98d8c389480 [response_status] => [notes] => [data_source] => crawler [score] => 0.899999976158 [magnitude] => 1.79999995232 [language] => en [profile_picture_url] => [switch_show_picture] => [is_recommendation] => ) [4] => Array ( [id] => 17373101 [reviewable_id] => 96313 [reviewable_type] => Page [title] => [attribution] => Jen I. [content] => Responsive, quick & efficient service! Price was totally reasonable and left a fresh smell afterwards :) [rating] => 5 [category] => yelp [unique_id] => bd331f4b4a20b7ae2daa2310e6d568589580b09a [created_at] => 2020-04-01T03:30:25.759-04:00 [updated_at] => 2020-04-02T00:00:12.098-04:00 [date] => 2020-03-31T08:00:00.000-04:00 [switch_show] => 1 [switch_show_link] => 1 [snippet] => Responsive, quick & efficient service! Price was totally reasonable and left a fresh smell afterwards :) [url] => [uuid] => 0f43331d-cdd5-44b1-a1c5-7bb84e4483c7 [email_address] => [ip_address] => [image_file_name] => 0f43331d-cdd5-44b1-a1c5-7bb84e4483c7.png [image_content_type] => image/png [image_file_size] => 26291 [image_updated_at] => 2020-04-01T03:30:32.315-04:00 [shared_at] => 2020-04-02T00:00:12.095-04:00 [switch_share_image] => 1 [share_template] => [share_list] => [switch_author_permission] => 1 [link_reference] => 7e6869fa-414b-4163-9dc2-868862992dd6 [response_status] => [notes] => [data_source] => crawler [score] => 0.899999976158 [magnitude] => 1.89999997616 [language] => en [profile_picture_url] => [switch_show_picture] => [is_recommendation] => ) [5] => Array ( [id] => 17172362 [reviewable_id] => 96313 [reviewable_type] => Page [title] => [attribution] => Matthew Armstrong [content] => Lud was awesome!! Called him up, he came over same day (showed up when he said he would!), and now my carpets look great. Very professional and very reasonably priced. I'll definitely be using Lud again when I need carpets cleaned. [rating] => 5 [category] => google [unique_id] => 114961825605339738486 [created_at] => 2020-03-11T05:06:29.525-04:00 [updated_at] => 2020-03-12T00:00:39.481-04:00 [date] => 2020-03-10T13:09:01.000-04:00 [switch_show] => 1 [switch_show_link] => 1 [snippet] => Lud was awesome!! Called him up, he came over same day (showed up when he said he would!), and now my carpets look great. [url] => [uuid] => 5a445b70-21a6-4421-8cdb-81d3729c79e4 [email_address] => [ip_address] => [image_file_name] => 5a445b70-21a6-4421-8cdb-81d3729c79e4.png [image_content_type] => image/png [image_file_size] => 35141 [image_updated_at] => 2020-03-11T05:33:38.697-04:00 [shared_at] => 2020-03-12T00:00:39.475-04:00 [switch_share_image] => 1 [share_template] => [share_list] => [switch_author_permission] => 1 [link_reference] => 7aa14877-2809-4557-bb0f-e98d8c389480 [response_status] => [notes] => [data_source] => crawler [score] => 0.800000011921 [magnitude] => 3.29999995232 [language] => en [profile_picture_url] => [switch_show_picture] => [is_recommendation] => ) [6] => Array ( [id] => 17149673 [reviewable_id] => 96313 [reviewable_type] => Page [title] => [attribution] => Justin D. [content] => Had an amazing experience with Chem-Dry (Lud) last week. Showed up on-time at 9am, and worked for 2 hours deep cleaning my sofa, mattress, and living room area rug. He did a lot of work on each piece of my furniture and sucked it dry with his machine. I was surprised it wasn't as wet after cleaning as I thought. Very knowledge and friendly. I plan to use him again on my mom's house in the Sunset, just need to coordinate a time/date. Thank you for the awesome cleaning! [rating] => 5 [category] => yelp [unique_id] => e91bd0030a7d2922ee68fc8dde557c506b0791cf [created_at] => 2020-03-10T04:43:49.885-04:00 [updated_at] => 2020-03-11T00:00:17.455-04:00 [date] => 2020-03-09T08:00:00.000-04:00 [switch_show] => 1 [switch_show_link] => 1 [snippet] => Had an amazing experience with Chem-Dry (Lud) last week. I was surprised it wasn't as wet after cleaning as I thought. [url] => [uuid] => 9ee18924-ac40-4f89-8a3e-018869481a64 [email_address] => [ip_address] => [image_file_name] => 9ee18924-ac40-4f89-8a3e-018869481a64.png [image_content_type] => image/png [image_file_size] => 29725 [image_updated_at] => 2020-03-10T05:12:32.136-04:00 [shared_at] => 2020-03-11T00:00:17.451-04:00 [switch_share_image] => 1 [share_template] => [share_list] => [switch_author_permission] => 1 [link_reference] => 7e6869fa-414b-4163-9dc2-868862992dd6 [response_status] => [notes] => [data_source] => crawler [score] => 0.300000011921 [magnitude] => 4.19999980927 [language] => en [profile_picture_url] => [switch_show_picture] => [is_recommendation] => ) [7] => Array ( [id] => 17128450 [reviewable_id] => 96313 [reviewable_type] => Page [title] => [attribution] => ian bonahoom [content] => Great job by lud! [rating] => 5 [category] => google [unique_id] => 100994637407504398104 [created_at] => 2020-03-09T04:48:38.904-04:00 [updated_at] => 2020-03-10T00:00:30.897-04:00 [date] => 2020-03-08T01:00:25.000-05:00 [switch_show] => 1 [switch_show_link] => 1 [snippet] => Great job by lud! [url] => [uuid] => 17a690da-2b2a-424b-bb20-70be49c8a026 [email_address] => [ip_address] => [image_file_name] => 17a690da-2b2a-424b-bb20-70be49c8a026.png [image_content_type] => image/png [image_file_size] => 12133 [image_updated_at] => 2020-03-09T05:16:13.452-04:00 [shared_at] => 2020-03-10T00:00:30.883-04:00 [switch_share_image] => 1 [share_template] => [share_list] => [switch_author_permission] => 1 [link_reference] => 7aa14877-2809-4557-bb0f-e98d8c389480 [response_status] => [notes] => [data_source] => crawler [score] => 0.899999976158 [magnitude] => 0.899999976158 [language] => en [profile_picture_url] => [switch_show_picture] => [is_recommendation] => ) ) [current_page] => 1 [next_page] => 2 [prev_page] => [total_pages] => 41 [includes_empty_reviews] => [reviews_shown] => 8 [total_count] => 328 [total_ratings_max] => 5 [name] => B & G Chem-Dry [business_category] => [image_url] => [theme_name] => minimal [total_ratings_average] => 4.95 )

Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning in San Francisco is Healthier.

Many people believe that the best way to clean carpets, rugs and furniture is use large amounts of water and then suck the moisture back out of the carpets and fabrics. This outdated method isn’t optimal and is usually only found with the typical steam cleaner or carpet cleaning shampooing machine. This approach to carpet and upholstery cleaning has some serious drawbacks. Massive amounts of soapy water forced into fabrics and carpets can create a breeding ground for mildew and mold. Further, carpets are wet too long and will have soapy, chemical residues left behind. On the other hand, we use minimal amounts of moisture to clean carpets, rugs and upholstery. This reduces the chance of bacteria and leaves you with a healthier home and office environment. Our green carpet cleaning solution makes for an ideal carpet cleaning experience with area allergy sufferers, kids and pets in our homes. When there isn’t any sticky, filmy residues left behind, your carpets stay cleaner for longer.
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Green Carpet Cleaning in San Francisco is Cleaner.

Chem-Dry’s exclusive and patented Carbonating carpet cleaner is applied with a low pressure spray machine which covers carpets and furniture with millions of microscopic non-toxic carbonated bubbles. This green carpet cleaning solution separates soil and grime from the carpet fibers and forces it to the surface where it is easily extracted with the suction of the CTS truck mount system. Because Chem-Dry uses a nominal amount of moisture during cleaning, carpets cleaned the Chem-Dry way only take 1 to 2 hours to dry.
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Organic Carpet Cleaning in San Francisco is Drier.

Chem-Dry carpet cleaning in San Francisco leaves your carpets dry within just 1-2 hours, not 1-2 days like other carpet cleaning methods such as steam carpet cleaning or shampooing. We do not pump excessive amounts of soapy water into your carpeting during cleaning and try to suck it back out. Chem-Dry’s carpet cleaning method is much different. Chem-Dry carpet cleaning in San francisco uses only 1/4 the amount of water to clean carpets. Our organic carpet cleaning solution is copied from Mother Nature and is chemical-free and non-toxic. Our core carpet cleaner and upholstery cleaning solution is called The Natural and is Green Certified and on the F.D.A.’s G.R.A.S. list. We do not need soaps, detergents or harsh chemicals to accomplish our great carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning results because we’ve got the power of crystal clear carbonated carpet cleaning bubbles.
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Chem-Dry Carpet cleaners vs. Steam Carpet Cleaners

The carpet cleaners at Chem-Dry Deep clean your carpets, deeper than steam carpet cleaning and shampooing machines. Our awesome carbonated carpet cleaning solution creates a powerful reaction that cleans deep down in a safe and gentle way-because the millions of carbonated carpet and upholstery cleaning bubbles do most of the work for us. There is no soapy residues left behind, so carpets and furniture are cleaned deeper, and left clean longer, because there are no dirt attracting residues.
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Water Damage Restoration

B & G Chem-Dry concentrates its efforts on safely drying, deodorizing, and disinfecting the area flooded or damaged by water. Our staff’s professional know-how is matched only by our state-of-the-art equipment & professional cleaning products. To learn more about water removal, please call (415) 657-0114 or (650) 551-0061.
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Pet Odor Removal

Not only is it difficult to deal with a pet urine accident once one has occurred, but it’s also tough to know where past accidents may have taken place, including accidents you may not have even known about that could be emitting an unpleasant odor. As part of our pet stain removal service, Chem-Dry uses a special UV light, Chem-Dry can detect pet accidents in your home and eliminate pet urine odors from your carpets, rugs and upholstery through our revolutionary cleaning process called P.U.R.T.® (Pet Urine Removal Treatment). P.U.R.T. contacts the source of the odor and immediately begins a chemical reaction that destroys the pet urine odor. It’s shown excellent results on even the most severe pet urine damage and is part of what makes us the best carpet cleaner for pet urine.

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Upholstery Cleaning

Let Chem-Dry provide you with a refreshing upholstery cleaning that extends the life of your furniture and is safe and healthy for kids and pets. We will send a professional upholstery cleaner to refresh and clean your furniture, bringing new life to your living space. Once our upholstery cleaning process is complete, your furniture will be dry quickly so it’s ready to be used by you and your family again as soon as possible.

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Rug Cleaning

Chem-Dry professionals are trained to clean all types of rugs, from common area rugs to expensive and delicate Oriental or Persian rugs. For our area rug cleaning services, we use specialized tools and equipment designed for whatever kind of rug you have, whether that is synthetic, wool, cotton, silk or one of many other types.

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